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Rob Bailey


RBC is breaking the mold of traditional public relations, to create a bold new hybrid of strategic, results-oriented public relations and integrated marketing. RBC is set to establish itself as the model for thorough, effective and all-encompassing communications programs.


RBC doesn’t just respond to the news – we create the news. We’re the experts at shaping our clients’ stories into the headlines of the day, and we accomplish this by knowing how to think like the editors, reporters and producers with whom we work on a daily basis.

We operate on the principle that proactive public relations requires a thorough understanding of the media. Our PR practitioners are in daily contact with the press around the country and across all media. We’re constantly on top of the stories they’re doing. We know how to shape a story to suit the media outlet. We’re always searching for the unique idea, the different angle, the fresh take on a familiar story. And we’re tenacious in our efforts to get the story placed -- we simply don’t take no for an answer.

Teamwork is a key aspect to our ability to successfully service our clients – and it’s a value that we take seriously. At RBC, every client is serviced by professionals, who are all accountable for that client’s business, and who make it their business to know the client’s priorities and concerns.

RBC also produces special events, conceiving, organizing and running events that dovetail with our clients’ overall marketing strategies or publicity aims. We are experts at developing high-profile, well-covered media events, receptions and photo opportunities that result in enormous press exposure. We understand that creativity and ingenuity are the key components of a successful event.

Whether a situation calls for crisis management, a media blitz, or target-market coverage, we provide thorough counsel to our clients on the best and most realistic approach for their particular goals. Our clippings, our reputation and our ever-growing client roster are all evidence of our ability to deliver what we promise.


RBC has been practicing integrated marketing since before it became a business buzzword. We’ve always gone beyond traditional PR in serving our clients’ needs. Our approach to integrated marketing ensures that the sum of the parts becomes much greater than the whole. The result is powerful, seamless, consistent messages that are conveyed across all platforms. RBC works closely with all the people involved in our clients’ marketing efforts, from advertising to design, to help accomplish this goal. With the benefit of a diverse client list, we offer our clients some unique opportunities for marketing relationships that no other company can match.
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