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September 12, 2012: TIME magazine

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Brandon Webb, is a former Navy SEAL and head sniper instructor. He is also a NYT Best-selling Author with his book “The Red Circle,” which is a detailed account of life as a Navy SEAL, and is the editor of, a daily special operations forces situation report that is used regularly by media and military strategists to get inside information on U.S. military operations. 

In the wake of the scandalous book, No Easy Day by Mark Owen, Brandon was able to use his expertise in the Special Operations Forces and his Navy SEAL background to write an article about the consequences and motives of a Navy SEAL breaking his code of silence. With the delicate topic of how a Navy SEAL who was at the killing of Osama Bin Laden, could write a book possibly disclosing government secrets, Brandon was able to give an insight into why such a book was written. The result was an outstanding piece with even more outstanding feedback from the readership.

Rob Bailey Communications loves the opportunity to pitch Brandon in situations where there is breaking news, even more so when we feel that we are creating the news ourselves. Brandon wrote the article for on September 12, 2012. 

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